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Cannabis is personal and the ways we shop for it are too. OneBudd caters to consumers‒both new and experienced‒by promoting a trusted, legal connection point. Within the site, you can explore without judgement, discover local businesses, and find products best suited for your desired experience. Whether you want to purchase legally, receive guaranteed product quality, or seek cannabis education—OneBudd can help.

OneBudd let’s you enter the world of legal cannabis from your mobile phone. If you’re stepping out of your comfort zone for the first time or simply trying to find your favourite strains—you can browse products from premium local stores at your convenience. But we don’t stop there…

Solei Offerings

Catering to shoppers with demanding schedules and selective tastes, our service offers the ability to order products online for fast, same-day pick up. Yes, you still have to go to the store but this means you can somewhat avoid interaction (hello introverts!), plan your day, or simply guarantee that you’ll have the “good stuff” waiting for you on re-stock day.

Our ultimate goal is to offer discreet delivery within the hour. Why? Because life is busy, mobility can be restricted, and some people simply just don’t want to hit up a cannabis store. Unfortunately provincial regulations restrict our ability to provide delivery now but we’ll continue to hold our heads high and hope for the best!

So here’s to big dreams and playing our part in creating a trusted cannabis community for those across the entire spectrum.