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Weed for Beginners — Where Do I Start?

Weed for Beginners — Where Do I Start?

Remember those days when you were sharing those first beers with your friends (who were hopefully of drinking age)? Well, smoking weed for the first time is a lot like that. It’s funny, it’s messy, and it’s there are a lot of new feelings to contend with.

If smoking weed was like a pharmaceutical intervention, there would be a lot of “how tos”, and “how not tos”. But weed isn’t like that. Nobody can tell you what to prepare for, or what it’s going to feel like. It’s like eating a banana — no one can accurately describe the taste. You just have to eat it for yourself and see what’s up.

So — this isn’t an article about what to expect from your first cannabis experience. It’s rather like a guide to have you prepared so you know how to acquire weed, for example. Plus, we’re going to throw in some advice on what not to do so that your first time smoking weed is fun and safe.

Shop from reputable sources

Living in a country where cannabis is legal means that you don’t have to shop for weed in a dingy alleyway anymore. Shop at places that have a good reputation for selling high quality cannabis. These kinds of dispensaries will also have the variety of budtender that can help you make choices about strains and equipment. Take recommendations from a friend, or buy through legal Calgary retailers on OneBudd!

Get your hands on good quality weed

There’s no shortage of good quality flowers in Canada. Federal laws require cannabis cultivators and product manufacturers to have their products tested for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes like bacteria. It means that you should be able to acquire this information on any cannabis product you purchase in Canada.

If you’re ever in doubt as to the quality of the weed you’re buying, you can always ask to see analyses results. Otherwise, you should ask the budtender some of these questions:

Where was it grown?

● Is it organic?

● Can I see a certificate of analysis? (This is a document which outlines what contaminants and cannabinoids exist in a specimen of cannabis)

● What kinds of effects does this strain have?

As a general rule of thumb, the more knowledgeable and transparent the budtender is about the kind of weed you want to purchase, the more likely it is that it’s a good quality strain. Budtenders are good resources for learning about cannabis strains, so make sure you ask them all the questions you might have!

Get your gear

Weed isn’t like alcohol — you can’t just buy it and chug it down. Unless you buy edibles, of course. If you’ve purchased flowers, you’re going to need some gear to smoke it with. Whether you choose a bong, pipe, or rolling papers is entirely a matter of preference. But essentially, you will need it to get those flowers into your lungs. So make you’re equipped with all the gear you need before you start.

Have some friends for your first time

First times are first times! You might as well make it special. Plus, it can be difficult to have first-time experiences around people you aren’t completely comfortable with. So with that in mind, choose friends who are close to you and who you can trust.

Don’t have fear

And most importantly, don’t have fear. It will be a new experience with lots of new and fuzzy feelings, and it’s important not to fear all that newness. Fear is what usually leads newbie cannabis users to the emergency room, not because of actual injuries, but because they have become consumed by fear during their experiences. On that note, if you do, for any reason become afraid, remember — you aren’t going to die! Nobody has ever overdosed on THC, and you won’t be the first!

Please remember to consume responsibly!