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The New Normal

The stoner depiction of cannabis is quickly becoming a distant past. As more Canadians become vocal about the medical and personal benefits associated with cannabis, the consumer profile has shifted to include athletes, professionals, parents, seniors, pets, and well “normal” people like you and me.

The reasons for usage vary however a consistent theme is that most people use cannabis as a rational choice to enhance their quality of life. Sound strange? The biggest misconception is that cannabis makes people super “chilled out” and couch locked. However as new consumption methods and types of cannabis hit the market, varying effects can be triggered ranging from improved concentration, creativity, sexual arousal, muscle recovery, pain relief, or simply heightened sensations that make listening to music and socializing more enjoyable. Similar to coffee and alcohol, cannabis has become a part of many people’s (and pets!) daily routines without negative health, social, or economic consequences.

The effects from cannabis largely stem from the strain of cannabis you consume. If you’re unfamiliar with the market, one of the first discussions you’ll have with your local Budtender is the difference between Indica and Sativa strains. Although they cannot provide medical advice for recreational sales (i.e. this brand of cannabis will make you sleep better), many are able to discuss common effects experienced by different strain types and the accompanying terpenes. Don’t be shy having this discussion—local Budtenders love to help and share their knowledge with zero judgement!

Many producers are also incorporating this element into their branding. A great example is Sundial which categorizes it’s products to help you “Choose Your Cannabis Experience” using labels like Spark, Ease, and Lift. Another is Solei which helps you “Find Your Moment” using similar categories such as Renew, Unplug, Balance and Free

Solei Offerings

That being said, cannabis does not affect everyone equally therefore some trial and error can be expected. It’s not uncommon to run into people who have a preference for Indicas or vice-versa.

To further help our consumers find their preferred products, OneBudd will be adding product review capabilities to the site in the near future. This quick-touch tool will take seconds to complete but it’s impact will be huge in helping consumers share their experiences to inform others in the selection process. Stay tuned!

*OneBudd does not endorse Sundial or Solei products. This article does NOT include any paid advertising.