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Best Bud for Your Buck - Top 5 Best Value Strains!

If price and quality are stopping you from buying legal—check out these products! We’ve narrowed down a few select brands to help you get the best bang for your buck. Completely unbiased with zero endorsements, we put our dollars to the test to bring you the real deal and streamline your search. Best of all, they can all be found in YYC and ordered through the OneBudd site!

Our decisions were based on dollar per gram value with a mid to high level THC range. Product quality and experience were taken into consideration however we won’t dive into those details in this article. Please keep in mind, high THC potency isn’t the key criteria for all consumers and there are several other ways to evaluate good quality cannabis which we’ll touch on in future articles.

The Results

1) Riff – Subway Scientist
$11.65/gram based on 1g preroll
THC: 28.09%

You’ll be hard pressed trying to find a legal preroll that packs a punch like Riff! This strain may leave you feeling calm and happy—especially if you score a great value of ~$9.20/gram with a 3.5g purchase. Just make sure to check the THC since these batches can vary a lot.

2) Good Supply – Jean Guy
~$7.85/gram based on 3.5g purchase
THC: 24%

With several batches rolling in above 20% THC, Jean Guy from Good Supply is a quality bud that won’t break the bank and will get your energy flowing. We have heard/read polarizing reviews on this one so approach with an open mind and you might be pleasantly surprised.

3) Canaca – White Widow Haze
~$9.14/gram based on 3.5g purchase
THC: 19.6%

This strain is a cross between White Widow and Sativa Haze that results in a nicely balanced profile. If you have a preference for Indicas, check out Alien Dawg (17%; $8.30/gram). All in all, Canaca has treated us well delivering good quality, consistent bud.

4) Grasslands – Sativa or Indica
~$7.40/gram based on 5g
THC: 16.5%

Indica and Sativa Grasslands is the new value brand from Sundial. The choice is about simple as it gets with the only selections being Sativa, Indica and Hybrid coming in 5g lots. When you purchase their Sativa, you are either getting Citrus Punch or their Lemon Riot—the deal is that every container is a mystery.

5) Canaca – Blend 14% Preroll
~$8.66/gram based 1.5g (3x0.5g prerolls)
THC: 14%

There’s something about Canaca’s blends that continuously deliver a great, reliable experience. Not the highest THC content however it feels like a stronger smoke. Pairs well with Christmas parties and good tunes however there’s a chance you’ll crash hard. If you’re looking for more, try out the Blend 19%. Either way, these get the job done without breaking the bank!

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Please note: Prices are subject to change per retailer. THC content varies per batch and is not guaranteed so make sure to check upon purchase. This article is based on personal opinion and results may vary per person.

Please consume responsibly.